A World Wide Presence

M&Q Packaging, LLC, was established in 1956. M&Q's corporate headquarters are located in Limerick, Pennsylvania (15 employees) while the manufacturing facility (85,000 sq. ft.) is located in Schuylkill Haven, PA (135 employees). PanSaver® provides distribution services in the United States, Canada, European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

M&Q's Technology

We produce and specialize in the following products:

  • High temperature pan liners liners for food
  • Packaging for meat and cheese such as sausage casings, cooking bags, and vacuum bags
  • Cook/Chill packaging for soups and sauces
  • Dry heat and steam sterilization packaging for medical and dental instruments
  • Clean room packaging
  • Vacuum bagging films used in the manufacture of composite parts for aircraft, ballistic glass, rear view car mirrors and recreational vehicles
  • Fumigation barrier bags
  • Solvent recovery bags and liners

PanSaver® - A Value Added Product

Foodservice professionals use PanSaver® for three primary reasons:

  • Reduction/reallocation of labor to more critical areas of the operation instead of potwashing. Additionally, using PanSaver® lowers operational cost associated with cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and utilities.
  • Elimination of direct food-to-hot-metal contact which prevents food from drying out and becoming unservable. Customer feedback indicates that food lasts 3x longer with PanSaver® than unlined pans. Research conducted at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, PA, demonstrated that food holding temperatures were, on average, 20°F warmer for food held in pans lined with PanSaver® versus unlined pans. The result is better flavor and moisture retention.
  • Disposal of grease in the trash versus down the drain. This is especially important for foodservice operators who don't have grease traps in municipalities that monitor BODs.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • M&Q operates a zero landfill manufacturing facility.
  • M&Q recently developed a new pan liner called PanSaver ECO™, which is the world's first bio-based ovenable (400°F/203) pan liner.

PanSaver® ECO™ offers the following sustainable attributes:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Higher puncture resistance than conventional ovenable pan liners
  • Higher abrasion resistance than conventional ovenable pan liners
  • Same heat tolerance (400°F) as nylon
  • Less susceptible to protein adhesion than nylon
  • More impermeable to steam degradation than nylon pan liners. This facilitates fewer liner "change-outs" which saves the operator money

Only PanSaver® Ovenable Pan Liners can deliver all of these benefits at up to 400° F.

Labor Savings

Eliminates scrubbing – all you need to do is sanitize!

Increases productivity in the kitchen.

Improves Food Quality

PanSaver® eliminates the direct food-to-hot metal contact which prevents the moisture in the food from "scalding-off". Moisture retains flavor and temperature in the food. Tests have proven that food held in PanSaver®-lined pans averages 20°F/8°C warmer than food held in a pan without PanSaver®.

Increases Food Yield

The PanSaver® patented Contour-Fit® eliminates folds in the liner that trap food. Moreover, since food doesn't stick to the PanSaver® surface, there is virtually no waste.

Makes Food Safer

Food cooked with PanSaver® never touches the pan, eliminating the chance of surface contamination.

Protects Plumbing/Better for the Environment

Grease goes into the trash, not down the drain. PanSaver® eliminates clogged drains and is better for the environment.

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